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Asplenium scol. angustifolia

Harts Tongue Ferns Semi-evergreen. Strap shaped glossy green fronds. Height 40 cm. Prefers moist soil and shady positon.

Asplenium scol. Cristata

Harts tongue Ferns. Glossy bright green evergreen crested fronds. Strongly curled at the tips. Height 40cm

Athyrium felix-femina

Lady Ferns Deciduous. Height 60 cm. Fully hardy. Dainty arching pale green fronds. Plant in partial shade.

Athyrium fil.fem. Frizelliae

Tatting Ferns Deciduous. Light green fronds. Originally discovered in County Wicklow. Semi-shade, medium to damp soil. Best planted in small groups. Height 30 cm.

Athyrium nip. var. p. Burgundy Lace

Triangular metalic-grey leaves infused with spectacular wine-burgundy as they emerge. Low growing clumps are a showstopper in borders. Deciduous. Height 40cm.

Athyrium otophorum Okanum

Hardy evergreen Ferns. Dark green red or Purple stem. Height 50 cm. Needs shade, and humus-rich soil.

Blechnum spicant

Evergreen hardy Ferns. Produces lance-shaped dark green fronds. Height 50 cm. Grow in moist humus-rich, acid soil in partial shade.

Cyrtomium fortunei

An upright evergreen fern with pale green arching fronds. Good for mass planting. Plant in any free-draining soil in a shady position. Height 60 cm

Dryopteris erythrosora

Autumn Fern. Copper tones of new fronds contrasting with matured dark green leaves giving an Autumnal appearance. Good for mass planting. Height 50 cm, spread 60 cm.

Dryopteris sieboldii

Asian Wood Fern. A unique and hardy fern. Tropical looking thick leathery pale green leaves. Likes a shady spot under trees. Height 45 cm.

Onoclea sensibilis

Sensitive Ferns Deciduous, arching, fresh pale green fronds. In Autumn fronds turn yellowish-brown. Height 45 cm. Prefers partial shade and moist soil.

Polystichum munitum

Height 60m. Evergreen. Long mid-green fronds. Ideal for borders or as a specimen plant. Tolerated most soils.